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HSS Annual Cutter

TCT Annual Cutter

Annual Cutter Accessory



QuickDrill Feature

How to Order QuickDrill

QuickDrill Heads

QuickDrill Holder

How to attach the head



How to Order Inserts

C Series Insert

D Series Insert

EDR Series Insert

NG Top-Notch Inserts

O Series Insert

R Series Insert

S Series Insert

SDR Series Insert

T Series Insert


V Series Insert

W Series Insert

Custom PCD-CBN Inserts



Diamond Wheels

How to Order Wheels



Bi-Metal Hole saw

Bi-Metal Hole saw Kit

Carbide Tip Hole Saw

Accessory for Holesaw



Aircraft Extension Drill

Jobber Drill

Screw Machine (Stub) Drill

Silver Deming Drill

Taper Shank Drill

Drill Set



Spiral Flute Tap

Spiral Point Tap

Hand Tap

Hand Tap Set

Taper Pipe Tap



Profile PCD-CBN Tool

Profile Carbide Tool


Gear Hob

Gear Shaper Cutter


Welcome to MaxTool Corp. warmly!

• MaxTool Corp. is a cutting tools distributor in New York to meet a wide range cutting demand of customers in today's markets, which include automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, printed circuit boards, optical industries, and more.

• MaxTool Corp. maintains the leading spirit in supply of standard and custom-made high performance cutting tools, such as Polycrystalline diamond (PCD), Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN), Carbide, High Speed Steel (HSS) Tools, Hole Saws, Diamond Wheels, etc for machining ferrous, non-ferrous, composite, fiberglass, and carbon fiber materials. We offer our products worldwide, unless otherwise restricted by our suppliers

• MaxTool Corp. always sources superior quality materials in the global for his tools as custom-designs.

• MaxTool Corp. owns a rich experienced engineer team, who keeps innovating and works with customers to design the best tools for customer specific application and the subtle nuances of customer distinctive operation.

• State-of-the-art equipment, quality material, rich experienced engineers, outstanding engineering & manufacturing processes are the reliable guarantee of consistent high quality in MaxTool Corp.. Quality is a hallmark of MaxTool Corp. from design to delivery. MaxTool Corp. always focuses on providing customers with consistent quality products at competitive prices.

• Qualified staff, consistent high quality, competitive prices, and perfect service in MaxTool Corp. make all customers happy

• MaxTool Corp. honestly appreciates everyone very much give a cooperative chance to discuss your requirement. Customer satisfaction is a major part of MaxTool Corp. success. MaxTool Corp. will do the best to make each customer satisfaction. You can always rely on MaxTool Corp..

MaxTool! Tool Max!

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Tel: 1-914-440-3469, 1-315-MaxTool (629-8665), 1-716-266-9368
Address: 37 Brundige Dr, Goldens Bridge, NY 10526, USA



MaxTool Corp.

37 Brundige Dr, Goldens Bridge, NY 10526, USA
Tel: 1-914-440-3469, 1-315-MaxTool (629-8665), 1-716-266-9368

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