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  • Alternating tooth geometry & unique centerfree design minimizes kerf area, cuts only the periphery of the holes, and evenly distributes chip load to multiple cutting edges reducing HP and feed pressure, providing faster feed, less friction & smooth hole finish;

  • Multiple cutting edges & improved concentricity extends cutter life;

  • Single pass-cutting, no pilot hole required, burr-free holes in one operation eliminates pre-drilling, step drilling and hole finishing operations. This reduces drilling cost while increasing productivity;

  • 3/4" diameter Weldon shank with 2-Flat at 90 ° drive conveniently slips into the drive arbor, adapts quickly to magnetic drills, stationary drill presses, etc;

  • Weldon Shank cutters are for cutting large diameter holes where more torque is generated;

  • Scrap material advances away from cutting edges;

  • Diamond ground carbide teeth of TCT annular cutters are extremely sharp, powerful and durable;

  • Fractional and metric sizes suit wide range of applications.


  • Annular cutters remove only a narrow wall of material, leaving behind a slug of materials which is ejected at the end of the cut. By comparison with twist drills, it uses far less energy and time to do the same work;

  • The Cutters are used in portable magnetic drills, and also deliver extra capacity and performance in other machine tools. The cutters are ideal for most drilling applications including elongating holes and trepanning operations, such as, Steel Fabricators, Bridge Building, Ship Building, Steel Erectors, Truck & trailer MFG.


  • Premium HSS M2 and specially heat treated for cutting edge toughness increasing tool life.

  • M35 (5% Cobalt) & M42 (8% Cobalt) cobalt HSS are available as custom request, Cobalt fully ground cutters increase cutting life by 30% and more.

  • Carbide tipped tooth.

Sizes Available:

  • Dia: 7/16" to 4" by 1/16" increments in imperial and metric sizes (11 - 100mm).

  • Cutting Depth: 1", 2", (3" & 4" are available as custom request).

  • Shank Style: Standard cutters have 3/4" Weldon shank. Other shank configurations are specially ordered.

  • Surface Finish: A multiple surface finish treatment is available.


  • Each annular cutter is packed in a clear tube

How To Order ......

When you order, please specify the following specification:

  • Drill's Name, Diameter, Standard or Overall Length, Flute Length, Shank diameter or Morse Taper No., Material of Drills, Surface Finish, Mark, etc.

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